Well yesterday didn’t go quite as well as I hoped. I had ‘issues’ in the the master bedroom – what I was doing in there is finishing installing baseboards, and I ran into something that I hoped I wouldn’t run into – I had to move the entire bed, frame, nightstands. It wasn’t such a simple thing to do by yourself, but I got it done eventually, so the baseboards are finished!

Next was grouting the tile by the fireplace (on the floor) – that went smoothly.

Finally, I started working on the transitions for the laminate flooring, but ran into several problems with  that – I even cut one of the transitions incorrectly, freaked out, and ran to Home Depot to see if I could find a replacement. I was so tired when I got back though I called it a night. The other slow down was making small cuts to fit in with the door frame. And then of course, the transition for the single bathroom is going to be more work because I’m going to have to cut out some of the vinyl flooring. 😦

The largest problem that I was dreading is that we didn’t leave a large enough gap by the back sliding door (between the edge of the flooring and the frame of the slider, so I had no idea how to cut the laminate flooring while installed – you can’t use a jig saw, skill saw and many hand saws won’t work. However, when at Home Depot, I looked at their different kind of hand saws and found one that I think will work!

Laminate Saw and Wood Chisel

Laminate Saw and Wood Chisel

So a combination of the above 2 tools, I was able to cut the laminate away for the transition.