I recently ordered the parts for this great little sprinkler controller found here:


It was fun to put together, and was a huge upgrade to my old one. This one plugs into your network and allows you to program/control/monitor your sprinklers via the web. So this means I can control it from my trusty Android phone (Atrix 4G), or virtually any computer/device that has internet access.

I had a self-induced issue, which can be read about here though:


So if you do the same thing I did, learn from my mistakes.

This little thing has been running great ever since I got over that, except a more recent problem. But, the owner/developer of the controller has been very helpful, and is very knowledgeable so I’m thinking we’ll be able to get this resolved. If you want to know about the problem, see the following thread I created on his forum:


I’ll keep you all updated. 🙂