If you read my previous similarly titled post about my HVAC woes being solved, you might be wondering why I’m posting about it again. It’s because they weren’t actually solved.

After installing our awesome new NEST thermostat, the problems came back. One of the awesome things about the NEST thermostat is that it detects wiring (and other) problems, and didn’t detect any when I hooked it up and went through the set up.  Realizing that this problem is out of my jurisdiction, I bit the bullet and called an HVAC company my dad (he’s in the business) referred me to. He came on Friday, found that the problem was the main control board (particularly the relays), and came back Saturday morning with a new one, installed it, and boom! We now have a working furnace/blower and a happily running HVAC system. Finally!

As a bonus, he even replaced our igniter after trying to fiddle with our old one to get it to ignite the flame properly. (We’ve had a problem with it for quite some time and even had it replaced a while back by another company). He threw in the new one for free because he said he could probably clean up the old one and resell it (because it’s not even that old). Oh, and one more thing – he said our gas was turned down dangerously low (I’m assuming the former company did this for some reason).

A little under $200 later, we are finally running central heating again instead of a bunch of little floor/room heaters!