Well here’s a late posting…on the night (February 2nd) before Superbowl Sunday, our water heater gave out. B noticed a puddle all around it when she went to tuck the cats in to bed that night.

I scrambled and went online trying to look for possible causes/fixes and learned that it looks like it just finally bit the dust and just have to bite the bullet and buy a new one. đŸ˜¦

Even trying to hook up a hose to it was difficult because the drain spigot was plastic and partially broken so I had to put 5 gallon buckets below it too.

Sunday morning I called my dad to see if he could get a better deal then if I were to say go to Home Depot/Lowe’s. Because he works at a plumbing supply company I knew I should ask him first. To my surprise, he had a ‘reject’ (it had a dent in it, but was most likely to be in perfectly fine working condition) one in his shed.

A little later that morning we brought it over to my house, pulled out the old one, and had the new one in and working before the 49ers were beat…what a memorable bittersweet (sweet because my dad saved me hundreds of dollars…not even including installation, and of course bitter because the 49ers lost) day it was.

Here’s our new water heater happily running for hopefully many many years to come:

New hot water heater

The area near the bottom with the wires is now covered with a plastic part that my dad gave to me on a later date, so it looks more finished now.

How nice it is to have hot water! You know, it’s easy to take for granted such seemingly-basic amenities that we have. That is, until you’re without them!

Stay tuned for some new posts coming soon (hopefully) about the boys, and B.