Well it’s been a while, because I’ve been busy. But here is one of the little things that I’ve done recently. I’ve been hearing noises that I don’t like late at night, so I decided to add a solar motion security light to the shed in our backyard:


See the little light there in the corner by the downspout? And the solar panel is on the adjacent side mounted on the trim.

Here’s a closer look:


We do have motion security lights mounted on the house (hardwired) in the backyard, but doesn’t reach the entire backyard, so I decided to add some more light.

The solar panel charges the internal rechargeable battery during the day, then when it’s night the LED lights come on when motion is detected. It outputs a decent amount of light…below is a picture I took when it’s on at night:


(The photo doesn’t really do it justice – it’s a bit brighter than it looks)

If interested, this is the item purchased from Amazon.com. It seems to work well – it’s fairly bright, and was easy to install. I don’t think there’s much better for the price.

That’s all I have for now. The next one is probably going to be a little project I’m working on for my garage workbench.