It gets pretty cold in the Winter and we lock our cats in the garage at night, but it’s still cold in the garage as there is no heating and air in there, naturally. They’re also getting up there in age, and I feel bad that while we’re in a heated house, they’re probably cold in the garage. We have little beds (nothing special, just those little pet beds you can buy at Petsmart) and a couple of heated pads for them, and they do use them, but I don’t think it’s enough. So, I decided to do something about it.

I actually made this little structure last year, but just never posted anything about it. Well, here’s some pictures:



Yaaay, we have our own warm room 🙂


Yes, I like building things with PVC. It’s cheap, light and easy to work with. I just added some cardboard to the sides, attaching to the PVC with wire ties. Threw some wood on top for the roof, draped a nice big piece of tarp over the whole thing and called it a day.

The little heater in there was a cheap one from WalMart – about $15 with a built-in thermostat, and tip-over safety shut off.

Now we sleep better knowing that our boys are warm and safe.